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Coil Slitting

Slitting is a shearing process in which the width of original or master coil is reduced into multiple narrower coils. A wide range of materials & thickness can be slit, ranging from thin foils to thick plate. Normally, the outside edges of the master coil are trimmed.


Coil Cutting

In the process of cut-to-length,
HR & CR coils are straightened & leveled into sheets of required sizes. The process involves straitening, shearing, etc. of the HR Coil by various machines and equipments.


Continuous Die Blanking

Die Blanking is another process of Poshs Metal Industries. Auto-blanking is done for CR and HR grades whose thickness ranges from 0.88 mm to 5 mm.s


Trapezoidal Cutting

This process involves producing sheets in angular shapes which are optimized for customer applications, thereby reducing material wastage. Products under this are various grades of CR whose thickness ranges from .8mm to 2.5mm.

Poshs Metal Industries, during its journey of 3 decades has come a long way and emerged as the definitive leader in the steel service center industry. Our domain expertise has made us the preferred choice for all our customers and our determination and commitment to on time, quality and deliveries has placed us as the market leader.

Our commitment to serve our customers with best services in the industry and achieve ultimate customer satisfaction has been strongly and continuously supported by untiring dedication and hard work of our employees, partners, associates and management of the company. The joint contribution of each and every individual associated with the organization has propelled us to reach greater heights and accolades.

  • Safety

    Safety of our employee is the top priority of our organization. Poshs Metal Industries believes that the employee’s safety cannot be compromised at any cost. We, at Poshs Metal Industries have a set process and procedure related to safety to all our personnel in our plants.

  • Quality

    The quality awareness and commitment is one of our Top priority at Poshs Metal Industries. We have a dedicated quality team which ensure that we achieve our Quality Metrics and follows our Quality Policy in total.

  • Integrity

    Professional ethics and and an honest work culture is the driving force and our success mantra for us in Poshs Metal Industries. We are committed to our clear and honest approach in our business operations and we completely believe that integrity has no other substitute.


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